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Pictured: Henry Smith (left) • 1956 • Middleville, MI
Michigan Allied Poultry Industries, Inc. (MAPI) is a non-profit statewide trade organization representing Michigan’s egg, chicken and turkey farmers and their young stock network of breeders, hatcheries and pullet growers. MAPI was formed in 1940 by Michigan poultry producers to collaborate on issues facing the industry. More than 80 years later, we are still farmer-led and working together for the advancement and prosperity of the Michigan’s poultry industry.
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Michigan egg, chicken and turkey farmers are committed to providing safe, high-quality and nutritious food for consumers. This starts and ends with healthy and happy birds. Comfortable environments for birds to live in, safety from disease, predators and extreme weather are all components on Michigan farms.
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Our farmers take their role seriously to uphold the highest animal care standards. Through comprehensive biosecurity programs, intensive animal care and humane handling & processing, Michigan farmers ensure that their birds are treated ethically at all times.
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Michigan poultry farms understand their role in environmental stewardship. For generations, our farmers have followed best management practices for land, air and water. Our poultry producers operate under a number of voluntary and required environmental management standards on both the state and national level.
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Our farmers live here, work here, and raise their families here. They care about their birds, their employees and their community. They are invested in the community, not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because and their livelihood depends on it!

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Michigan Poultry Facts

100 years
The Zeeland/Holland area has been a center for poultry activity for over 100 years.
10,000 commercial poultry farms in 196590 farms today
In 1965 there were over 10,000 commercial poultry farms in Michigan. Today there are 45 poultry producers with 90 farms in the state (including hatcheries).
Farm illustration with an arrow pointing down and an illustration of a hen with arrow pointing up
While individual poultry farms have decreased over the years, the number of birds raised in Michigan continually increases over time.
A graph trending upwards
All poultry sectors—egg layers, chickens and turkeys—are projected to increase in Michigan over the next 5 years. That means crop farms and businesses that support the industry will also grow to meet the needs of our expanding farms.

The Michigan Poultry Industry Today

Egg Farm Families
15 million
Laying Hens
Broiler Farm Families
6.2 million
Turkey Farm Families
5.3 million
Nancy Barr, MAPI Executive Director headshot

Meet Dr. Nancy Barr
MAPI Executive Director

Dr. Nancy Barr joined MAPI in January 2023 and brings her experience in regulatory medicine, grant management and stakeholder collaboration to work for the Michigan poultry industry.

A native of Michigan, Dr. Barr practiced small animal medicine before joining the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD).  At MDARD, Nancy spent 23 years in various roles within the department. She began as a field veterinarian, then the poultry and emergency preparedness program manager for several years before becoming an assistant state veterinarian and coordinator for the bovine tuberculosis program, focusing on statewide animal disease and regulatory issues. 

As the poultry program manager, she focused on the implementation of protocols for disease preparedness, surveillance, and response. Dr. Barr also oversaw the avian influenza surveillance component of the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) and developed the state avian influenza response and containment plan for poultry in conjunction with NPIP partner groups while at MDARD.

Dr. Barr received both Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees from Michigan State University. She and her husband reside in East Lansing, Michigan. They have a daughter, Anna, who is studying writing at the University of Houston, and two golden retrievers, Harry and Rosie.   

MAPI Board

Doug Dreyer
West Michigan Pullets, Inc.
Vice President
Bob Beekman
Walcott Elevator
Adam Dickerson
Konos, Inc.
Dr. Mick Fulton, DVM
Michigan State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Dr. David Pyle, DVM
Michigan Turkey Producers
Michael Carter
Daybreak Foods
Caleb Duflo
Four D Farms
Brennen Herbruck
Herbruck's Poultry Ranch
Scott Maust
Farm Crest Foods
Doug Patmos
Sunrise Acres Egg Farms
Cal Schipper
Schipper Eggs LLC
Mat Stutzman
Stutzman Poultry
Jeff Smith
Smith's Turkey Farms
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