Michigan Broiler Production

Michigan chickens, or broilers, are a lean and healthy source of protein grown by family farms primarily located in southern Michigan. Our family owned and operated chicken farmers care for their birds by raising them in a stress-free environment where they have access to fresh water and feed, natural light and ventilation, and are free to roam within the chicken house on open floors. Many of the family farms in Michigan are Amish. Today, Michigan farmers raise over 6.2 million broilers annually, with expansion planned over the next 5 years.

Broiler Facts

Chicken is the number 1 protein consumed by Americans.
There are 20 broiler farms in Michigan.
Total annual bird production in MI = 6.2 million.
Chickens eat Corn, Soybeans, Vitamins and Minerals. That’s it! Hormones and steroids are never used.
Americans consume more chicken than any other country with 89.6 lbs per capita, and other countries at 26 lbs per capita.
Birds are processed when they are 38–42 days old. The average bird weight when processed is 5.25 lbs.
The expected broiler growth in Michigan in next 2 years is $34.5 million.
Chickens raised for meat are called broilers. Both males and females are raised for meat.
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Broiler Nutrition:

Three ounces of chicken has about 25 grams of high-quality protein.

Budget-friendly source of protein, costing an average of only $1.25 per pound based on national averages.

Without the skin, chicken is naturally low in fat.

Good source of Iron, Vitamin B3 and B6.

Low in sodium.

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