Michigan Allied Poultry Industries, Michigan Grown Partnering for Easter Egg Contest

May 18, 2021

Michigan’s hens produce more than 4 billion eggs each year, and while eggs are enjoyed any time during the year, they are a cornerstone at Easter celebrations.

Michigan Allied Poultry Industries and Michigan Grown, Michigan Great have partnered for an Easter campaign.

“The campaign itself is to decorate your Easter egg—dyeing, painting, or different ways to decorate your eggs—take a photo of your egg, and use the hashtag #MIEasterEgg, and tag Michigan Grown, Michigan Great on social media,” says Allison Brink, executive director of MAPI.

When you post the photos to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter by April 9, you’re then entered to win a $500 gift card to Meijer. If you’re curious how your egg makes it from the chicken to your kitchen, wonder no more.

“On top of the campaign, we also created a video for consumers to catch up with a Michigan poultry farmer to learn how those eggs get from our farm in Michigan to their refrigerator,” she says. “Eggs provide a complete source of quality protein and other important nutrients growing children and people of all ages need throughout their day.”

A lot of those nutritious eggs helped nourish thousands of families in the region. Earlier in the week, MAPI made the announcement that in 2020, seven member farms donated more than 3 million eggs to food pantries, ministries, and those in need.

“These seven farms donated to big and small organizations across the state from the Thumb of Michigan to Chicago,” says Brink. “We’re really proud of them for their donations they made especially in challenging times.”

Brink added that after last year’s market disruption due to the pandemic, MAPI is optimistic for a brighter 2021.


Michigan Allied Poultry Industries is a producer-led organization that serves and represents over 50 Michigan family-owned poultry farms with more than 15 million laying hens, 6 million chicken broilers, and 5.3 million turkeys represented.  Michigan Allied Poultry is committed to the advancement and prosperity of the poultry industry through advocacy, education and development.

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